What is Dental SEO?

We help Dentists and Dental Practices with Dental SEO that helps their dental websites get on the first page of Google in their local area for all of the dental services they provide. If your dental practice website isn’t on the first page of Google you are losing out on a lot of value!

Why Do you need SEO for your Dental Practice and What are the Benefits?

Here is a list of things you can GAIN by having a Dental SEO marketing plan in place and why we provide the best SEO for dentists and their dental practice website:

  • Traffic! – if you aren’t on the first page you have no shot at traffic from Google
  • Trust – people trust dentists more if they are on the first page of Google
  • Brand Equity – by getting your dental website on the first page of Google you gain more brand recognition in your local area
  • Credibility – when new patients see you are on the first page of Google they believe you are one of the best choices because Google does as well
  • Reduced Google costs – Pay per click Ads on Google can become expensive if not managed or run correctly and monitored, if you have first page organic rankings it can help with that cost because you won’t have to run a higher budget with Google ads and you will convert more from Google being on the first page twice in some instances with SEO combined with Dental PPC (pay per click) ads.

How do we do it and What do we report?

Google is a like a popularity contest. The more trust and authority a website has the more highly Google ranks it. However you need a solid foundation first before you go become popular.

Initial SEO Assessment

  • We run SEO tools on your current website and make sure all on page and website elements are ready to go this includes
    • Content on site matches exactly what you are and where you do it (and what you deserve to rank for)
    • Website mobile friendly, secure, and quick?
    • Is your Dental Website going to convert even if we get you to the first page?
  • If not we have web developers that will get your website right first
  • On page SEO elements (Site and page titles, H1 tags ect..)

Off Page SEO

  • The most important part after you have a clean dental website foundation is getting attention to your website and promoting it
  • We help promote your website on other websites that are relevant, social, or authoratative
  • We reverse engineer your competition to see Why Google is ranking them for the keywords we want to target for you
  • Continuously watch and adapt to Google’s real time Rank Brain algorithm
  • Optimize link opportunities every month is a safe and diversified proven process
  • Promote you within our own trusted and useful dental only network

Monthly Reporting

  • Every month we report KPIs
  • Every month we track calls (PPC)
  • Every month we track SEO performance

Call us for an example of an SEO report by providing your name, email, and dental website url. We can email you a FREE SEO report of where you currently rank and why. After that we can share with you how we can fix it, opportunities, and the monthly investment it would take to get your website optimized better for the search engines.

If you need help with SEO and ranking your Dental practice website on the first page of Google call us at 888-863-7421