Dental SEO or sometimes referred to as Dental Search Engine Optimization is when you want to get your dental website ranked high on the search engines. The best search engine with the most traffic is Google but there are other smaller search engines like Yahoo and Bing that will also help get you traffic from new patients searching keywords related to what they need from your dental practice.

The problem for most dentists is they have a website that is brand new or never designed properly with SEO in mind. There are elements of your website that can help improve the exposure you get from websites like Google that can impact your business and help you grow.

Some of the fundamental elements of “on page SEO” which is search engine optimization element of your websites you can control are the Site Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords. Meta Keywords don’t matter as much but if you use keywords within your website and define every page you use as a useful and user friendly page that has content and natural looking keywords within the page that can help new patients this will help your website rank a little better with site like Google.

The biggest part of SEO is “off page SEO” which is how popular your website is with other websites on the web. In other words how many website link to your website that are trustworthy, have domain age (meaning they are websites that have been around a long time), and are relevant to your website. And example of relevancy is the content of the website that links to you is dental related or has content that related to your website. Another important part of “off page SEO” is when the link to your website from another website has the keywords that is important to you in the link. An example would be if you were a “Orthodontist Peoria, AZ” or a “Dental Implants Ewing, NJ” and you wanted to show up on the first page of Google the keyword text that links to your website will influence the ranking of those keywords.

This is just a quick summary of the basic points of SEO for dentists but it is continously changing and now with social media, personalization, and universal search Google is looking at a holistic view of your website and it is import to have every element from the foundation and a WordPress Website Design to SEO and continuous internet marketing strategy in place.

That is why it is wise for a dentist to hire a dental internet marketing company that can keep your website and internet presence up to date for you every month while you don’t lose any money not being behind the chair.

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